At a social event a few weeks ago a woman asked me about my work. I replied that I offer life guidance by phone with individuals throughout the United States. Another woman who was standing next to me, immediately started talking about how she would only work with someone face to face. She believed that it was necessary for her therapist to be able to see her facial expressions and view her body language in order for the work to be effective. She went on in some length, listing all of the reasons why she would not consider working with a healer over the phone.

Many of us have a hard time accepting the unknown. We hold on tightly to what we are familiar with because it offers us a feeling of comfort. We find it difficult to experience something new, to be curious and explore – to reside in an open state of mind.

Many times we limit our experience before we even have the opportunity to determine if it may be something that is right for us. Our mind doesn’t give our body the time to sense how we feel, or our consciousness the space to participate.

When I experience a closed response from someone, I usually will make no attempt to offer additional information. When there appears to be no opening for expansion, it requires too much energy to engage.

Some of the most powerful healing experiences in my life have been with a healer by phone. There have been times when I have worked with a healer in-person and their physical space was not energetically clear, or too much external activity in their environment caused energetic interference in my body.

When our body does not feel completely safe in our surroundings, our innate protection system goes on-alert, inhibiting the state of ease needed to allow healing to occur. Receiving healing while immersed in the familiar energy of our home, enhances the ability of our body to accept new consciousness and healing energy.

When I am doing healing work with a client remotely, it is their energy field I am viewing. The energy contained in one’s field is the most clear and direct route into the innate wisdom of a person’s physical, mental, and emotional state. Seeing a person’s facial expressions or body movements, to me is just a distraction, inhibiting my ability to tune-in to the higher consciousness that is available within them.

When we engage with the external world in a limited way, we are also limiting movement in our internal world. We can limit the in-flow of consciousness, as well as the physical healing of our body. This limitation can show up in our body as illness, depression, or other physical or emotional imbalances.

Instead of choosing to limit our experience of life, we can choose to respond to life expansively. We can embrace our natural capacity for exploration, asking ourselves the following questions:

How can I stay open to look at this situation differently?
How can I expand my view?
How can I consider this situation from every angle?
How can I be available to new outcomes?

With an expansive state of mind, we tune-in more to our body and our emotions to see how we feel. We listen to our consciousness to see if an experience brings deeper wisdom.

We are open to learn, to understand another point of view, to see the world in a new and different way. We are aware enough to notice any emotional attachments we have, or any resistance we feel.

When we observe our attachments, we see our old ways of thinking or being. Looking deeper, we understand what our attachment offers, and how it may be keeping us from aligning with higher consciousness.

To free ourselves from past conditioning, we pause old beliefs and thought patterns. When new information is presented, we access our curiosity and remain open to explore. We examine each situation to determine if it is a new direction that our body and consciousness wants us to move toward.

Remaining open to the unknown, will bring us deeper understanding and a more meaningful experience of life. Residing in this expanded state, we are more available to new beginnings.