I woke up from a dream the other morning and spontaneously spoke out loud, “I want to be free and easy.” In the dream, I had flowers braided into my long hair and I was wearing a long flowing skirt. I was smiling as I danced barefoot in the grass with my friends at a concert on a beautiful sunny day.

Following the dream, I received information that I was not seeking a free and easy experience, lifestyle, personality, or way of being – I was seeking free and easy energetic movement within myself.

It is common when we are working through something, that we first externalize the information we are receiving. We look out into the world, in our awake life or in our dreams, to find what we are sensing inside. Often when our internal world is speaking to us, we are being directed to acknowledge a deeper aspect of ourselves – to receive information of a higher nature revealed by our consciousness.

Free and easy energetic movement is what happens inside of us when our body is aligned with our own consciousness, and at the same time, is aligned with the infinite intelligence of the Universe. In this higher state of being, an experience happens to us, instead of us expending energy to create an experience.

In one moment we become connected to something much bigger than ourselves, beyond the creation of our mind or any desires we have for our life.

I have experienced this free and easy energetic state at random times throughout my life. Without any effort on my part, without seeking information or wanting to create, somehow, I become the vehicle for a flow of energy to move through me. When this happens there is a sense of timelessness and spaciousness which occurs. I recognize the expanded energy of this event as something very different from my normal experience.

In my recent involvement with this free and easy energetic state, I know in advance that I will be participating in something greater, yet my mind is not aware of its participation. I am involved in creating something, such as an experience for another person, yet I am not expending any mental or physical effort to do so. In these moments, I feel like I am making a deeper connection, one that not only affects my life, but affects every human’s life.

The return to a free and easy energetic state is part of our advancement on earth.

Is it possible to participate with our consciousness to create this experience, one which will ultimately lead us to a new way of being in the world? I believe it is. I believe we can advance our lives through an ongoing practice of communication with our consciousness, leading us to free ourselves from the non-beneficial repetitive patterns holding us back from consciously advancing in our lives.

When we are not residing in a free and easy energetic state, we are usually functioning from a set behavioral system (thought-choice-action) consisting of multiple patterns we have learned and then repeated over a period of time. These repetitive patterns keep us attached to an old way of being, living unconsciously, reenacting old thoughts and behaviors, even when they no longer benefit our lives. Often these patterns bring us a feeling of physical comfort and stability, making it more difficult for us to shift out of them.

To advance into a free and easy energetic state, we train our mind to investigate.

We investigate our thoughts, feelings, and the physical responses of our body. We investigate our non-beneficial patterns, and the incongruences within these patterns creating energetic obstruction within our form.

Overtime this practice helps us to move beyond the limitations of our mind, into heightened pattern recognition, and the ability to identify the energy in our body that is not in alignment with our revealed consciousness.

In communication with our consciousness, our intent is to integrate the incongruent parts of us, dissolving energetic imbalances which keep our bodies misaligned and disconnected from a free and easy energetic state of being.

The free and easy energetic state is the effortless and euphoric embodiment of the mystical. It is the ultimate union between earth and heaven. Neutral and grounded in physical form, engaged with our consciousness, and joined with the higher realms – we witness the holographic nature of life.

We become the seer, perceiving aspects of reality that are beyond the perceptual range of ordinary people. With blissful awareness, we welcome the unexplored possibilities that exist within our consciousness, and in our soul agreement with the infinite intelligence of the Universe.