At the age of 35, a series of profound experiences dramatically changed the course of my life. These transformative events initiated a 15 year period devoted to stillness, deep inner-exploration, and powerful healing processes, practices that would significantly alter my perception of life.

With a strong background in business, I worked as a consultant with several leaders in the holistic health field. My role for over 20 years was to help these organizations come into better alignment with their mission and purpose. This work supported my passion to train in several healing modalities and to become a writer, specializing in writing articles on natural health and fitness for magazines and online resources.

Later, my work expanded into providing guidance to healing practitioners, guiding them to connect to higher consciousness to navigate their lives with greater clarity, alignment and power.

It is my deepest heart intention to support the earth and humanity by guiding individuals to the experience and knowing of this sacred life and the ease of living in higher consciousness.


Lana Lensman

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